Publishing house dedicated to publishing books.

NEUROSI publishes books in digital format −Apple (iTunes) and Amazon (Kindle)− and also short runs in classic paper format.

NEUROSI is a publisher created from the need to find a solution in the digital market for a series of publications which can not be managed by means of traditional edition, which has become excessively burdensome, complex, suffocating and inaccessible.


CaballeriaTASL and NEUROSI are environmentally friendly companies that want to quit paper and use other environmentally friendly and low-cost media.

To paraphrase Nicholas Negroponte, we must Move bits, not atoms.

A digital publication is available worldwide, from any digital device (smartphone, tablet, computer), without shipping costs and eliminating the pollution generated by these old processes, which arise from Gutenberg five centuries ago. We must renew the methods, processes and leave no trace of carbon.

NEUROSI looks for both new authors who want to publish their first work and companies that want to be present in digital publications (eBooks and ePubs). It creates interactive digital books that can include photographs, videos, audios, animations, 3D objects…, to help your product to reach the final consumer.

NEUROSI has several divisions, including novel, journalism, fairy tales, gastronomy, poetry, short stories…

NEUROSI is, therefore, an exclusively digital publisher located in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Catalunya) and a department of the translation agency CaballeriaTASL.