our history

The Company

Since 1985

CaballeriaTASL (Caballeria Traduccions & Autoedició SL) is a language management company that translates, proofreads, DTPs and creates documents in any language.

Among other services that constantly updates based on market needs, CaballeriaTASL has its own design studio to edit documents in most current desktop publishing software and a digital publisher, Editorial Digital NEUROSI, which publishes eBooks and iBooks.

CaballeriaTASL is located in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, one hour away from Barcelona.

CaballeriaTASL was founded in 1985 as a company exclusively dedicated to translation. As computing become more popular throughout the eighties, CaballeriaTASL increased its resources to translate and create documents in digital format, working with Windows and MAC platforms.

At present, it is a company with worldwide customers which regularly translates between more than thirty languages, and it is able to generate content and technical translations quickly and accurately thanks to the latest technological innovations.

The annual translation volume is around 12 million words.

Our work

On-time Delivery

CaballeriaTASL always respects the agreed deadlines.

High Quality

The quality of the translation is based on native translators, expert proofreaders and a strict control process.

Experienced native-speaking translators

with an in-depth knowledge of source and target languages

Fast response to your requests

Almost immediate budgets and delivery of translation in a very short time.

Competitive prices

Fees adjusted to the current market level. Discounts for repetitions and use of CAT tools to further reduce costs.

Technical Terminology

Developing of customer-specific terminology databases to ensure a full consistency at all levels.